Peaceful ChapelWe have an on-site chapel available for use by families and friends which comfortably seats sixty and has standing room for another twenty people.


Here are some ideas to add meaning and help personalise a funeral service.

  • Incorporate the deceased’s favourite music into the funeral service. Consider showing an audio-visual presentation reflecting your loved one’s life. R J Sidney Craig has the capacity to put this presentation together – relieving families of this burden.
  • Organise for the deceased’s favourite flowers to be displayed, or arrange for close family members to participate in the service by placing a flower or personal item on the coffin or in the grave.
  • Provide the officiating clergy or civil celebrant with details about the life of the deceased so that fond memories can be shared.
  • Involve family and friends in the eulogy, religious readings and singing.
  • Place personal items which reflect the life of the deceased on or inside the coffin. Arrange for a framed photograph of the deceased to be placed on the coffin during the service.
  • Arrange for clubs and associations to attend so that they can show their support and pay their last respects.
  • If the deceased was an ex-serviceperson, we can arrange for a RSL Service, the Australian Flag for Service Ensign to be placed over the coffin, and/or for a guard of honour.
  • Hand out memorial cards as a special memento for those attending the memorial service.

Please feel free to contact us if you would advice and assistance in organising a funeral service.