Pre-Paying your funeral

Pre-arranging your funeral ensures your wishes can be carried out. Pre-payment of a funeral can relieve the financial burden on your family.

We offer a guaranteed price for pre-paid funerals. This protects your family from any future price increases that may occur on the funeral arrangements that you have selected.

You can pre-pay for your funeral upfront or in instalments over a selected period. Your money is safeguarded by Funeral Plan Management Pty Ltd ABN 30 003 769 640 – a wholly owned subsidiary of Lifeplan Australia Friendly Society Limited ABN 78 087 649 492 AFS License 237989.

Also, the money you pay into the plan will not affect your pension as it is not subject to an income or assets test.

Please contact us to discuss the options and benefits of pre-arranging and pre-paying funerals at no obligation or cost.