Many people express their preference for burial or cremation before they die. If a person’s wishes are known then R J Sidney Craig is able to arrange the funeral service accordingly. Where a person’s wishes are not known, R J Sidney Craig’s caring staff can assist families make arrangements with ease and particular attention to detail.


For a burial, R J Sidney Craig will need to know if a new grave is needed or if there is an existing family site. If a family does not own a family burial site, R J Sidney Craig can assist in selecting a burial site or crypt for a loved one.


Pre-paid funerals

Many people like to pre-pay for their funeral so as to relieve the financial burden on their family they have left behind. Pre-arranging of funerals also ensures that people’s specific wishes regarding their funeral service can be followed. Please contact us to find out more about pre-paid funerals.


Choosing a coffin or casket

The decision to select a coffin or casket is purely a matter of personal preference. The basic difference between the two is design. A coffin is tapered at the head and foot and is wider at the shoulders, while a casket is rectangular.


R J Sidney Craig has a wide range of styles of coffins and caskets from which families may choose.



For cremation, families need to consider what to do with the ashes. There are many choices available such as choosing a crematorium space, placing the ashes in a lawn cemetery, or an urn and memoralisation of a loved one. It is important to know that there is no law governing ashes and families may choose to take their loved one’s ashes home with them.


R J Sidney Craig is also available to assist families with the selection and ordering of cast-bronze plaques and can also recommend a suitable monumental mason for the design and erection of headstones and memorials.


We expect that the R J Sidney Craig Crematorium will be operational mid 2010 and will be located at St Patrick’s Cemetery in Goulburn.


Please contact us to discuss burial and cremation arrangements.


Funeral services

There are many alternatives to consider when choosing a funeral service. Following are the most common funeral services we are asked to arrange. These include:

  • A service and committal in a church or our chapel.
  • A service held in a church or our chapel followed by a procession to a cemetery.
  • A service and committal at a crematorium chapel.
  • A service and committal at a graveside.
  • A service at an alternative location, such as a park, beach, private gardens, or a family home.


However, families are not restricted to these funeral choices, please contact our caring staff to discuss your ideas for a funeral service.