The cost of a funeral depends on the choices people make. When making funeral arrangements, you are asked to very carefully consider your own financial circumstances and therefore make appropriate selections.


Costs include:

  1. Funeral Directors Charges: Includes our service fee, embalming if required, after-hours transfer of the deceased if required and use of our facilities and vehicles
  2. The cost of the coffin or casket: This depends on your selection, as they do differ in price. We can assist you in choosing a coffin or casket in accordance with how much you wish to spend or what you consider is appropriate.
  3. Disbursements: There are a number of expenses related to the funeral arrangements that we pay on your behalf, including the death certificate, crematorium or cemetery fees, floral tributes, clergy and funeral notices. Some disbursement items may require payment before the service.


Our caring staff are available to discuss with you the type of service you would like and will provide a written estimate as a guide to the total cost of the funeral. Please contact us to discuss arrangements.


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