When someone dies in a hospital or nursing home

Most people in Australia die either in a hospital or nursing home. When this happens, the director of nursing, sister or nurse in charge will help you with the formalities and will make arrangements for the doctor to issue the death certificate.


If your loved one wished to be cremated, you need to notify the hospital or nursing home sister immediately, as additional certificates will need to be prepared by the doctor. Early advice of this decision will save possible and unnecessary delays.


Please contact us as soon as possible so we can begin liaising with the nursing home or hospital to make the necessary arrangements. We are available 24 hours, 7 days a week.


When someone dies at home

If a relative or friend dies at home, the first person to contact is the doctor of the deceased. If the doctor has treated the deceased in the past three months and the doctor can confirm the cause of death, a death certificate will be issued.


The next step is to contact us. We can arrange for the deceased to be transferred to our funeral home and attend to the other funeral arrangements on your behalf.


When someone dies interstate or overseas

As a large number of people travel, it is quite possible that the death of a loved one may occur away from home. If this happens, you should notify us immediately so that we can make arrangements to transport the deceased home, and attend to any statutory or customs requirements.


It is also common for Australians who where born overseas to want to send the deceased back to their homeland for burial. Again, you should contact us immediately, as there can be an extensive process of liaison with the Consulate General of the deceased’s homeland and relevant Australian government departments. We can prepare and process the necessary documentation on your behalf.


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